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Camino should be your first call for commercial stripouts and lease makegoods, including end of lease make goods & office stripouts, where you want a seamless and quality result.


A lease makegood is a mandatory obligation of almost every office, commercial and industrial lease in Australia. Simply put, it refers to returning a property to the condition it was in at the start of your lease, subject to fair wear and tear.

Camino Property Services has been created to provide a best-in-class, full life-cycle stripout and lease makegood service in the Melbourne and Sydney area for offices, warehouses and factories.


Sustainable is essential in today’s world and Camino Property Services is dedicated to providing green solutions for each project we undertake. Our professional team is trained in sustainable best practices, and we aim to deliver the most efficient, high performance buildings possible on each of our commercial stripout projects, including office stripouts & shop stripouts.

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Whether you are doing a stripout and makegood as part of your end of lease makegood commitments, or preparing your property for a refurbishment, we can handle all of the tasks associated with the end of lease strip out and makegood  process for your Sydney or Melbourne business.

We provide a complete end to end strip out and lease makegood service for commercial properties including offices, warehouses and factories.

Our team remove furniture, dismantle fixed furniture like partitions, remove flooring and demolish dividing walls as needed.

We have an experienced team of people to manage  lighting, cables, cable trays, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. This includes the disconnection and removal of utilities-gas, electricity, water and telecommunications. 

There is no doubt we can complete your process to your requirements so call us now for a free consultation.

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Our nine step process ensures that we can provide you with a comprehensive commercial stripout, including commercial stripouts, and lease makegood service. We remove the stress from the process. This lets you focus on running your business.


We are highly experienced in providing the end to end strip out, makegood, end of lease makegood, and landlord negotiation process.  We have undertaken many commercial & office stripouts and makegood projects and saved our clients many millions of dollars.


Our references speak for themselves. Call us for a free consultation.

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