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Condition Reports

Condition Reports are an invaluable document to avoid future disputes and litigation. The reports record the actual condition of an asset at a point in time and it is critical it meets the standards for future use. The document must be a comprehensive quality document.


Camino are very experienced providers of Condition Reports and you can rely on Camino to provide a comprehensive quality document.


As part of our service we can include the condition of the premises at the start and/or end of a lease, the condition of adjoining property, registration of personal property on the Personal Property Register, identification of any performance issues, etc.



We have worked with many clients in Melbourne and Sydney and can provide referrals on request.

Our primary aim is to reduce the potential for future disputes for your business.

Call us for a free consultation.

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Call Camino Property Group for a Condition Report for the next lease you are entering into, or for your end of lease documentation.

Camino provide Condition Reports for clients in Melbourne and Sydney.

We are a very experienced team and a quality document will ensure you have a document which can pass the test of time and law.

Call us for an obligation free quote.

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